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Silverstein Works

DR TOOT present a brand new Silverstein Works Omnicap for mouthpiece. Patented mouthpiece cap fits to all types of mouthpieces and ligatures. Small enough to fit in a narrow caseWorks with or without a reed affixedWorks for all types of ligatures Secures and protects delicate mouthpiece ..
DR TOOT present brand new Silverstein Works T-Frame Ligature - Original T (silver colour) for clarinets and saxophones. The Silverstein Works ligatures are patented engineering for perfect sounds and stylish designs for your stage. If you are a single reed player and serious about the soun..
DR TOOT present a brand new latest ligature “HEXA” by Silverstein Works.- 6 cords- Ultimate tonal control with increased resistance- Warmer tones- Stronger Projection- Better responsiveness during register changes- Fast and Precise Response- Cord-end aglet for preventing cord deformation and delocat..
THE NEXT GENERATION CONCERT REED-Concert grade reed with round and warm sound-Rich harmonics over full dynamic range-Perfect and clear altissimoJUST LIKE A CANE REED-Wets like caneThe reed absorbs moisture. It plays without wetting but gets better after 3 minutes of wetting.-Feels like caneYou will ..
DR TOOT present a brand new Silverstein Works Omniguard – Lip Protector for Musicians. All wind musical instruments players - Say “goodbye” to pain on your lip !!!  If you suffer the pain on your lip when playing or you are playing with braces, then this is a perfect long term solu..
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