The following instruments will be available soon at DR TOOT !

Pre-Loved Instruments:

Pearl Flute PF761REB - Listed

Yamaha Bb Clarinet YCL450 - Listed

Buffet E11 Bb Clarinet - Listed

Yamaha Bb Clarinet YCL650 - Listed

Yamaha Bb Clarinet Custom SEV

York Preference 3094 BBb Tuba (Silver Plated) - Listed

Brand New Instruments:

Backun Beta Bb Clarinet SP Keys with Left Eb Lever - Back in stock now !
Backun Protege Bb Clarinet SP Keys with Left Eb Lever - In stock now !

Chateau Alto Saxophone CAS22GL x 2 - Back in stock now !

Selmer Paris Supreme Alto Saxophone - In stock now ! 

Selmer Paris Axos Tenor Saxophone - Back in stock now !

BAC Portland Bb Trumpet - Back in stock now ! 

BAC New York City Bb Trumpet (Silver Plated) - Back in stock now !

BAC Artist Series San Francisco Bb/F Trombone - In stock now ! 

Brand new Mouthpieces:

Berg Larsen Tenor Sax Stainless Steel Mouthpiece 110/2 SMS - In stock now !

Otto Link Super Tone Master Tenor Sax Metal Mouthpiece 8* - In stock now !