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Accessories | Stands for French Horns

Brand: Yamaha
DR TOOT present a brand new Yamaha Tuning Slide Grease. It is synthetic and lipstick type, so you can keep your hands clean.  Grease to keep brass instrument slides moving freely. Net: 5g Made in Japan..
Brand: Protec
Protec’s fine leather hand guards provide a secure grip and are nonporous to protect the finish from hand dirt and oils. Hook and loop closure allows a snug fit and easy installation and removal. Exterior Features:Made of nonporous material to protect against hand dirt and oilsFits most doub..
Brand: Hetman
p {margin:.5em 0 .5em 0}DR TOOT presents a brand new bottle of Hetman Synthetic Oil.               The extensive range of Hetman ® Musical Instrument Lubricants constitutes an application-specific system of advanced instrument care for the discriminating music..
Brand: Superslick
This little brush will clean out the throat and backbore of any brass mouthpiece. Its nylon bristles will not scratch, and the plastic covered shaft end is additional protection for your mouthpiece.  Your mouthpiece is where the sound begins in your instrument, so it's worth having ev..
DR TOOT presents our original Microfiber Soft Cleaning Cloth for all musical instruments.   Now a bigger size cloth is available from DR TOOT. It is for all musical instruments - flutes, clarinets, saxophones, trumpets, trombones, tubas, violins, guitars and pianos…etc.   - C..
Brand: Yamaha
DR TOOT presents a brand new Yamaha Cleaning Swab for Brass Instruments.  This swab works best for brass instrument tuning slide cleaning and drying.  For trumpets, cornets, flugelhorns, French Horns, mellophones, tenor horns, baritones.   Yamaha Japan developed specially thi..
Brand: BAM Cases
The best cleaning and polishing cloth for all lacquered and silver instruments.  High quality microfiber cloth enhanced with silver nano technology. Exceptional drainage, absorption, antibacterial and antifungal properties.  Superb shining capability and easy cleaning with soap and wa..
Brand: Yamaha
DR TOOT presents a brand new Yamaha Brass Soap for all brass instruments (trumpets, cornets, trombones, euphoniums, tubas…etc) and saxophones.   This soap is specially made for cleaning inside and outside of instruments and mouthpieces which made of brass.    Please fo..
Brand: Yamaha
DR TOOT presents a brand new Yamaha Lacquer Polish for any lacquered instruments. The Lacquer Polish by Yamaha removes dirt from lacquered surfaces and leaves a beautiful, fine-textured gloss helping to prolong the life of the finish. Made in Japan Size: 11oml..
Brand: Yamaha
DR TOOT present a brand new Yamaha Mouthpiece Cleaner.  The Yamaha Mouthpiece Cleaner is a sterilising spray to clean woodwind and brass mouthpieces. It comes in a handy spray bottle and can be used with a soft cloth to keep the mouthpieces clean and sterile.   Made in JapanSize: ..
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