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Our Philosophy

DR TOOT Brass & Woodwind Specialist delivers the quality service on repairs and sales that our customers are satisfied and appreciate.  As we are also musicians, we do understand “musical instruments” are not just musical instruments - very personal items to you.


We are a “boutique style” wind musical instruments store - it is focused on repairs and retails. Our “boutique-style” allows personal attention to each customer’s needs. We believe that communication is very important - We advise, listen and inform in a professional manor.



Our qualified and experienced repair technicians provide efficient and professional services on each instrument at a fair cost. Our philosophy does not allow compromising our quality work and standards. Since the beginning, we have focused on the musicians/players. Therefore, we won’t let you wait a long time to receive your instrument back.



Our pre-loved instruments are certainly not new, but, they are “new” to you, and expected to be loved again. We service all instruments prior to sell for hygiene purpose and to insure the instrument is in top performance. We try to provide pre-loved instruments which are high quality and in excellent or near new condition. We do not compromise the quality of products we offer.