Sean Murphy aka DR TOOT - Director | Head Repair Technician


Born in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  After graduating from high school, he studied and trained in London as a brass and musical instrument repair technician for eight years - Further training included working in Boosey & Hawkes in UK, Selmer in France, Pisoni in Italy, and Yamaha and Yanagisawa in Japan. Also, trained extensively for different manufacturing companies in USA, Japan and Taiwan.  As part of his studies, he trained with highly distinguished instrument repairer, Mr Alan Kingsley-Smith for five years in Auckland, New Zealand.


In 1980,he received a QE II Arts Scholarship to work for Ward Music Shop, the largest music store in Western Canada, under the direction of Mr Morrie Backun.  On arriving back into New Zealand in 1981, he started up Murphy’s Wind & Reed in Mt Roskill, Auckland.  After 23 years of Murphy’s Wind & Reed,Sean worked for Tom Kroon’s Musicworks for four years in Howick, Auckland.   


In 2007,Sean had started DR TOOT from home in Howick, Auckland.  He had the idea of this business name since he was younger.  With over 40 years experience, he is able to look after all your instruments needs.


Apart from being a qualified repairer, he was also a professional musician.  He played tuba for Symphonia of Auckland(later known as Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra) for 17 years and casual player for the NZSO and Radio NZ.  He had given up playing tuba since he had an accident in 1990.


Sean has been back playing tuba since 2010 and joined Auckland Wind Orchestra(AWO).  In 2012, Sean has been offered to play for NZ Pops Orchestra. Sean has joined the Manukau Symphony Orchestra(MSO) in 2013 and the Howick Brass Band in 2015 to play tuba.


Masaru Nakagawa  - Brass & Woodwind Repair Specialist

Masaru was born in 1995, in Kanagawa, Japan.  He graduated from Daikanyama Music Academy (Tokyo, Japan) Brass & Woodwind Musical Instrument Repair Course (2 years) in March, 2016.  


He is a saxophone player, and he can play any saxophones from soprano to baritone sax. His main instrument is a tenor sax and he owns a Yamaha Custom tenor sax. He also likes sports – running and football. 


Masaru joined DR TOOT Brass & Woodwind Specialist in September 2016 and works full time.  His details in his work, works well in both woodwind and brass repairs.  

Takahide (Taka) Sato - Brass & Woodwind Repair Specialist

Taka was born in 1995, in Kanagawa, Japan. He graduated from Global Wind Instrument Technical Academy (Tokyo, Japan) Brass & Woodwind Musical Instrument Repair Course (2 years) in March 2016.

He studied flute repair under a senior repairer at Altus Flute in Japan and trumpet repair under a creator of XO Trumpet in Japan. After he graduated from the school, he was trained by one of top saxophone repairers in Japan, Mr Odagiri (ex-Yanagisawa Saxophones and now owns his repair workshop in Tokyo). 

He plays all saxophones, clarinet and flute. 

Taka joined the Team in June 2017 and works full time. He specialises in flute, saxophone and dent work on all brass & woodwind instruments. 


Mia Kan - Director | Administration | Website | Marketing


Born in Ehime, Japan.  Traveled and lived in lots of different countries, and she has been living in Auckland, New Zealand since 1992.


In 2006, Mia went to Italy to take an oil painting certificate course at Lorenzo de’ Medici in Florence.  Lived in Florence and Rome for about a year.


Mia came back to New Zealand and joined DR TOOT in 2007. With experiences as administrator, secretary, sales & marketing, retail sales with different firms including major international companies, Mia became a business partner of DR TOOT in 2010.


Mia has been enjoying taking photos of brass and woodwind musical instruments and updating the website, facebook and instagram. She never dreamed that she would be having her life surrounded by many musical Instruments…and two cats !


Zara aka Queen Zara - PA of Sean


Zara was born on 16 November 2007 in Auckland. She is a black & white domestic cat. Zara came to DR TOOT after a few weeks later she was born.


She knows about all DR TOOT.  She is known as Queen Zara.


Alfa aka Princess Alfa - PA of Mia


Alfa was born on 11 November 2011 in Auckland. She is a silver tabby.  Alfa was found on TradeMe.  Everyone thought that she was a male cat.


Therefore,she has a boy’s name. She is known as Princess Alfa.


Zara and Alfa have their own blog, which started in April 2009.  We have lost another cat named Rico in 2012,but he is always with us at DR TOOT.


The blog is published every Sundays: Zara &Rico's World with Alfa