♪  We are sorry that we have sold out of our pre-loved alto saxophones currently, but these alto saxophones are coming soon. If you are interested in any of them, please contact us without any disappointment: Yamaha YAS32, YAS475 and YAS62LSE (special edition comes with Custom E1 neck) and Yanagisawa A902 (bronze).  Posted: 26 May 2019 

♪  Pre-Loved Boosey & Hawkes Edgware wooden clarinet has been overhauled and listed.  Posted: 23 May 2019

♪  1)  Pre-Loved Buffet E11 Bb clarinet has been serviced and listed. 2) Please note that we will be closed from the 17th-19th May and resume as normal on Monday, 20th May.  Posted: 16 May 2019

♪  Pre-Loved Yamaha Custom alto saxophone YAS82Z with V1 Neck has been serviced and listed.  Posted: 10 May 2019

♪  Popular Jakob Winter flight cases (backpack style) are back in stock - Alto Sax and Tenor Sax.  Posted: 6 May 2019

♪  Two pre-loved instruments have been listed:  Selmer USA Bundy Dual System oboe and Jupiter Bb Trumpet JTR300.  Posted:  16 April 2019

♪   From 1st of May 2019, there will be an Inspection Fee of $25.00 incl GST on all instruments. It will be waived if the instruments has been serviced/repaired.  Posted: 15 April 2019

♪  1) Three pre-loved instruments have been listed:  Yamaha Flute 411, Leblanc Pete Fountain "Big Easy" Bb clarinet, Yamaha Custom Bb/F tenor trombone YSL820Gll.  2) We will be closed on Friday, 5th April as we will be having a pop up store at the 42nd Youth Jazz Competition in Tauranga on 5th & 6th April - Come to see us at Baycourt Theatre !  Posted: 4 April 2019

♪  Our first Arnolds & Sons Student Model Bb Trumpet ATR235 has arrived safely and listed.  Posted:  26 March 2019

♪  Brand new three Selmer Paris saxophones arrived safely:  Seles Alxos Alto Saxophone, Reference 54 Antique Finish POA Alto Sax and Tenor Sax.  Posted: 22 March 2019

♪  Two pre-loved instruments have been listed:  Buffet R13 Bb Clarinet and Selmer Paris SA80 Series ll Alto Saxophone.  Posted:  21 March 2019

♪  Brand new Briccialdi flutes have arrived - Student model 203, Semi Pro Model 7714, Handmade Heavy Pro Model 9612 in stock now !  Posted: 18 March 2019

♪  Pre-Loved / Vintage Buffet BC20 Bb clarinet has been overhauled and listed.  Posted: 6 March 2019

♪  Two popular backpack style Jakob Winter cases are back in stock - Gig bag tenor sax and Flight case  Posted: 5 March 2019

♪  Pre-Loved Yamaha Alto Sax YAS62 with 62 Neck and Yanagisawa Tenor Sax T901ll with Underslung Neck + special engravings have been serviced and listed - ready to find a new home !  Posted:  1 March 2019 

♪  Pre-Loved Selmer Paris Series lll Alto Sax and Keilwerth EX90 Series ll Tenor Sax Black Nickel Finish have been serviced and listed.  26 February 2019

♪  Pre-Loved Holton T101 Symphony Pro Model Bb Trumpet has been serviced and listed - going for a very good price !  Posted: 14 February 2019

♪  Brand new Selmer Paris Privilege Low C Bass Clarinet is now in stock !  Also, brand new Selmer Paris Seles "Axos" Alto Saxophone is back in stock now ! Posted: 13 February 2019

♪  New shipment of Arnolds & Sons mouthpieces has arrived - Cornet 3C, Flugelhorn American Shank 6C and 7C, French Horn 11 and 12 have been listed.  Posted 7 February 2019

♪  Two pre-loved Yamaha wooden Bb clarinets YCL450 and YCL650 have been serviced and listed.  Posted: 4 February 2019

♪  Popular Briccialdi Flutes Model 1849 are back in stock now !  Posted: 16 January 2019 

♪  Happy New Year and Happy Tooting to you all !  1) "Arriving Soon" page has been updated.  2) Due to the current workloads, please note that the waiting time for private customers is approx 6-8 weeks.  Posted: 4 January 2019