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Cornets and Flugelhorns

Brand: Yamaha
DR TOOT Brass & Woodwind Specialist present a Pre-Loved (used/secondhand) Yamaha Cornet YCR4330GSll (current model) silver finish. This medium-large bore cornet is a top of the range Intermediate Instrument that is perfect for players who want a distinct step up from student models.&nbs..
Pre-Loved King Cornet 605   Pre-Loved King Cornet 605
DR TOOT Brass & Woodwind Specialist present a Pre-Loved (used/secondhand) King Cornet 605 lacquer finish.  Since 1894, the King name has been synonymous with world-class high quality brass instruments. World renown artists, the likes of Tommy Dorsey, Ziggy Elman, Julian "Cannonball" Ad..
Kanstul Flugelhorn Model 1025 Kanstul Flugelhorn Model 1025
-20 %
Brand: Kanstul
Made in the classic French small-bore style, this flügelhorn has a light, compact tone that is perfect as a solo instrument, yet is versatile enough to blend in with larger-bore flügels. A player can easily blend with an ensemble, and still provide that little extra “cut” when his voice needs to ris..
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