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Backun Q Series Bb Grenadilla Clarinet with Silver Keys

Backun Q Series Bb Grenadilla Clarinet with Silver Keys
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Backun Q Series Bb Grenadilla Clarinet with Silver Keys
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The Backun Q Series Professional clarinet offers those who prefer a more traditional French-style instrument the chance to experience the world of Backun.  Classic feel and playability.  

They combine modern manufacturing techniques and treatments, including a carbon fibre middle joint ring, with classic grenadilla wood and silver-plated key work to produce an instrument with truly familiar feel and playability. 

Inline trill keys help reduce condensation accumulation, and precision under- and over-cut tone holes ensure impeccable intonation and response. 

An affordable masterpiece, the Q Series is the classic choice. 

Comes with Two New Traditional Barrels, One Traditional Bell, BAM Custom Case, Polishing Cloth, Swab and Cork Grease  (Mouthpiece not included) 

Optional:  with Left Eb Lever - $7,550.00

Some reviews from the customers who purchased the Q Series Bb clarinet (from Backun website):

-  I love my new clarinet, the Q-Series Bb, it truly is a dream come true; and my favorite feature of all, still has to be that it never fails to put a smile on my face.

-  I had wanted to upgrade from a student clarinet to a wooden intermediate/professional model for quite a while. I trialed many leading brands however the Backun Q series led the pack for two reasons. Obviously, the richness and evenness of tone across the registers was a standout. However, Backun's practice of allowing the unique unstained personality of every piece of timber to shine out made my clarinet unique and personal to me. I loved this and the connection that I now have to this beautiful instrument.

-  The instrument plays fantastically! Keywork is immensely responsive, and the clarinet feels great to play and sounds even better. Very stable playing between registers at all dynamic levels.

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