Silverstein Works - HEXA Ligature Size 7

Silverstein Works - HEXA Ligature Size 7

DR TOOT present a brand new latest ligature “HEXA” by Silverstein Works.

- 6 cords

- Ultimate tonal control with increased resistance

- Warmer tones

- Stronger Projection

- Better responsiveness during register changes

- Fast and Precise Response

- Cord-end aglet for preventing cord deformation and delocation

- Shiny Mirror Champagne Gold Finish

- 18K Gold Plating

- Beautiful Crystal Decoration (Top & Sides)

- Hand-finished by Artisans

- Minimized Stress on a Reed

- Compensate for Reed Thickness

- Less Reed Warpage

- 2 Year Warranty

- Anti-Slip and EZ Pad included

Ligature comes with:

- OmniCap

- Replaceable EZ pads

- Anti Slip Pad

- User manual with warranty registration card

- Packaging of an Introductory Offer may differ from a regular packaging.

We have the size 7 for Clarinet medium size mouthpiece and Alto Sax small size mouthpiece in stock. Please check your mouthpiece if it fits: 

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  • $550.00

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