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Brand: Bambú
Bambú’s microfibre cleaning swabs absorb humidity and grease rapidly and without leaving any residues.  Microfibre acts as a magnet for dust, dirt and oils and absorbs much more than conventional fibres -thanks to its woven filaments, which are 100 thinner than a human hair.  This Clean..
Brand: Yamaha
DR TOOT presents a brand new Yamaha microfiber cleaning swab/pull through for oboes.  This microfiber pull through-type cleaning swab is specifically designed to be used with oboes when removing dirt and moisture from inside the instrument and should be considered to be an essential item as p..
Brand: Protec
Protec Clarinet / Oboe Thumb Rest cushion (Thumbforts Model: A309) features a comfortable design and squishy translucent black material.Highlighted Features:Cupped design supports thumb positionSoft gel cushion comfort Non-slip grip design..
Brand: Protec
Protec’s Clarinet / Oboe Thumb Rest cushion with extensions features a comfortable design for extra thumb support and cushion stability.Highlighted Features:Relieves thumb fatigueSoft gel cushion supportNon-slip grip design Please select one from:A353 - Small gel cushions fit thumb rests up to..
Brand: Neotech
- Padded neck strap for clarinet, English horn and oboe- Neoprene pad and innovative design offer comfort and mobility- Streamlined design and fully adjustable- Easy to attach with a plastic-covered metal hook or thumb rest tab- Unique polyurethane thumb rest tab relieves pressure on your thumb..
DR TOOT presents our original Microfiber Soft Cleaning Cloth for all musical instruments.   Now a bigger size cloth is available from DR TOOT. It is for all musical instruments - flutes, clarinets, saxophones, trumpets, trombones, tubas, violins, guitars and pianos…etc.   - C..
Brand: BAM Cases
The best cleaning and polishing cloth for all lacquered and silver instruments.  High quality microfiber cloth enhanced with silver nano technology. Exceptional drainage, absorption, antibacterial and antifungal properties.  Superb shining capability and easy cleaning with soap and wa..
Brand: Yamaha
DR TOOT presents a brad new Yamaha Synthetic Key Oil. The following three types of oil are available:Light: Specially designed for flutes, piccolos, oboesMedium: Specially designed for clarinetsHeavy: Specially designed for saxophones and bassoonsIt is to be applied on all pivot screws and rods..
Brand: BG France
DR TOOT presents a brand new BG France Pad Dryer A65U.It is suitable for clarinet, flute, oboe and bassoon.  Quickly absorbs moisture underneath pads.  Leaves no residue.  Last 5 years + 1000's of useMaterial: Microfiber Very absorbentFree of lintWashableNo chemical additive..
Brand: Neotech
DR TOOT presents a brand new Neotech Bassoon Seat Strap with Cup. The Neotech Bassoon Seat Strap is the ideal way to add comfort when playing long sessions in the rehearsal room or performances in the concert hall. For the musician who wants relief from supporting the weight of the instrument a..
K & M Oboe Stand 18020-000-55 K & M Oboe Stand 18020-000-55
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Brand: K & M
The world-wide acclaimed 4 leg base in stable zinc die-cast guarantees excellent stand safety. The legs can be retracted into the plastic peg to transport within the instrument. Weight: 0.08 kg..
K & M Bassoon Stand 15010-011-55   K & M Bassoon Stand 15010-011-55
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Brand: K & M
The bassoon stand is now available in a newly improved design 150/1.The large rubber coated support cup guarantees stability. The newly designed support bracket can be adjusted in tilt and width.The support bracket adjusts to the individual instrument by converting the removable rubber pads. The ..
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