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The DR TOOT Team
The DR TOOT Team
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BAC Music Kansas City USA
BAC Brass Instruments
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Briccialdi Flutes (Made in Italy)
Briccialdi Heavy Handmade Model Flute 9612 - Handmade in Italy
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Backun Musical Services - Mouthpieces and Clarinets
Backun Alpha Bb Clarinet and Beta Bb Clarinet
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Gonzalez Reeds - Made in Argentina
Gonzalez Reeds - Made in Argentina
for Clarinets and Saxophones
Henri Selmer Paris Claude Delangle Alto Sax Mouthpiece
Selmer Paris Claude Delangle Alto Sax Mouthpiece
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We are a small boutique shop specialized only brass and woodwind musical instruments. 
Just because we are small doesn't mean we think small or act small. We’re big on experience and even bigger on services - offer efficient and professional services on repairs and sales.
Three full time qualified repairers and a full time apprentice repairer look after your instruments  and guarantee the workmanship.
Quality pre-loved (used / secondhand) instruments (any major brands), brand new instruments (Briccialidi flutes, Henri Selmer Paris clarinets and saxophones, Backun clarinets, BAC Music trumpets and trombones), a wide range of brand new accessories...etc. are available from our online shopping website.
Fast delivery, free shipping anywhere in New Zealand on all orders over $50.00.
Happy Tooting, Everyone from the DR TOOT Team !

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